Skillshare – How to Draft a Bodice Sloper in Adobe Illustrator
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If you love sewing your own clothes and have been wanting to learn how to draft your own sloper, I’m here to help!
In this class, I’m walking you through my workflow for drafting a bodice sloper on a computer using the Adobe Illustrator design program. I’ll show you how to take your own body measurements and draft a custom sloper pattern from scratch with those measurements. Then we’ll set up a printing template so that you can create a tiled sheet PDF pattern to print from home or with a copyshop.

This is a great place to start if you want to start drafting and printing your own custom-fit sewing patterns at home. Drafting in Adobe Illustrator allows you to get very precise measurements and make changes quickly without wasting paper or needing a huge space to spread out while working. This also means that you can design new patterns easily by modifying your sloper block digitally.

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