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21-steps methodology for cryptocurrency evaluation and increasing chances of finding the next crypto gems + Spreadsheet!
What you’ll learn
You will learn how to properly evaluate the potential of any cryptocurrency project using a smart methodology.
You will learn all the factors that drive a proper analysis when it comes to assessing the long-term potential of altcoins.
You will learn how to stop getting tricked by Twitter and YouTube “gurus” into buying coins with low chances of success.
You will get to download and use the same Excel spreadsheet that we’re using for analyzing the potential of various cryptos.
The willingness to become more aware of the real risks and potential rewards of investing in cryptocurrencies.A true desire to approach cryptocurrency / altcoin evaluation from a methodical and calculated standpoint.The patience and determination to watch the course several times and internalize the concepts and procedures.The maturity to truly implement an objective evaluation method in your investment strategy, instead of being a “moonboy”.The wisdom and realism to understand that this course is NOT financial advice and it’s for educational purposes only.
Do you know that most people invest in cryptocurrencies just based on some weird dude’s advice on Twitter or YouTube? Wait, what?!
Why would you ever spend $1 of your hard-earned money based on some guy or gal on social media pumping his or her bags by fooling uninformed newbies who want to “get rich quick” overnight? It simply doesn’t make any sense to spend money on something without a proper, in-depth research!
Or, what about Crypto Twitter? Man, what a funny place that is! How many anonymous and meme accounts with a cartoon as their profile picture and over 20k (fake) followers are there? Well, quite a lot. And still, although that person doesn’t provide any real value or information about the coin they’re shilling, people still throw money left and right based on misleading advertising hoping to wake up rich the next day.
This is called FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. Basically, most newcomers in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are just blindly throwing money at the wall hoping something will stick. Then, when a pullback in price or a bear market occurs (which are perfectly normal events in any market) they panic and sell their “investments” low. That’s because they don’t really believe in the people behind and fundamentals of the cryptocurrencies they invested in, they just followed a stranger’s suggestion. Now, without making this intro too long, guess what? Strangers don’t give a @#$% about you, they only care about themselves and their own portfolio. Therefore, this means that it’s your job – and your job alone – to DYOR, Do Your Own Research before spending even a cent on any crypto project out there.
With the help of this course, we hope that you’re going to have a more objective, unbiased, level-headed and rational approach when it comes to cryptocurrency investing. And, perhaps, investing in general, no matter the asset. You can’t just simply make decisions based on hype. Instead, it is absolutely crucial to have a blueprint for evaluating every cryptocurrency yourself and make an informed decision each time you invest.
Now, this course will provide you with a systematic method of assessing the long-term potential of any cryptocurrency, as well as a detailed Excel spreadsheet that will make your research way easier. Does any of this guarantee profits? Well, what question is that?!;Of course not, nothing does. But, in our experience, it will most probably provide you with a reasonable risk-reward ratio assessment for each and every project out there. Because yes, it’s all about risks and potential rewards, nothing is guaranteed or 100% failproof. So let’s put market emotions aside and apply a system to reduce risk and increase potential rewards. That is the smart and mature thing to do as an investor, by far!
Ok, so what’s the curriculum of this course and what should you expect to learn?
Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Get access to the exclusive spreadsheet
Section 3: How we use the evaluation spreadsheet
Section 4: Wrap Up



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