Begin with a DetoxUnderstand an easy way to detox your body to start your healing journey! 100% natural foods, No fancy ingredients. This must be the first step in your healing journey.How to Prepare, Undergo and Sail through your Chemotherapy periodLearn how to make Chemotherapy more effective by preparing the body first. Then what are best practices to be implemented during chemo therapy and finally what can you do to reduce the side effects of chemo therapy.What foods should be included in your diet for maximum benefitLearn about all the super foods that help you to heal your body, strengthen Immune system, possibly reduce, eliminate and prevent cancers.Lifestyle techniques that must be a part of your daily lifeLearn about simple techniques that play a powerful role in well-being, immunity and possibly preventing cancers.Working on your emotional well-beingLearn about various aspects of emotions, happiness, past baggage, sub conscious mind and more. Specific easy techniques that help.NIkhil ChaudharyNikhil Chaudhary is a dietitian who has worked with patients of all types of cancers and their recommendation has made him work with patients in 43 countries across 5 continents.He works only with natural foods and lifestyle and does not recommend any medicines or supplements generally. He has published case studies in International journals and conferences. He has also been interviewed by multiple national newspapers and online sites for his work.This webinar series is collated after extensive research of more than a decade and experience with thousands of patients who have benefited from his services.Nikhil wants to benefit more and more people who are unable to afford his time and yet are in desperate need of his guidance.He is on a mission to create 1 million health epicenters, people who heal themselves and help people around them heal.