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This class covers 20+ cat and dog breeds that inspired some of our favorite Pokemon from the famous anime series.
What you’ll learn:
Which Pokémon were inspired by real-life pets?
What cat breeds are featured as Pokemon?
What dog breeds inspired the creation of Pokemon?
Are there other cat and dog breeds that would make great Pokemon?
Which Pokémon were inspired by real-life pet cats and dogs? We’ll learn about a ton of different cats and dogs in this four part class. For each Pokémon, we’ll learn a little about the specific cat or dog breed they were based on, their similarities, and some other fun facts (such as the science behind breeding, or a bit of the mythical inspiration behind them, too!). We will also explore other related topics, such as world record pets, how dogs became man’s best friend, and which breed might be ideal for your lifestyle. Students will watch four short recorded lectures (each 10 to 14 minutes long) and have access to some extension activities that will deepen their understanding of the topic, facilitate discussion with the teacher on the class page, and allow learners to demonstrate their understanding. Students can also participate in the creation of a Pokemon that is based on a cat or dog breed (a breed that has not yet inspired a Pokemon).
Part 1 (14 minute recording)
Siamese cats
Maneki-neko (mythology)
Feral cats
Mixed breed cats
British Blue Shorthair
Nekomata (mythology)
Scottish Fold (and how it is bred)
Part 2 (10 minute recording)
World record cats (longest tail and fattest)
Main Coon
Striped tabby
Tuxedo cat
Bengal cat
Part 3 (12 minute recording)
Scottish Terrier
Dog evolution
Hellhounds (mythology)
Jack Russell Terriers
Marking territory
Part 4 (11 minute recording)
Brindle coats
Shisa dogs (mythology)
Welsh Corgis
English Foxhound
Fastest dogs in the world
German Spitz
Who this course is for:
Pokemon fans and pet lovers who want to learn about Pokemon inspired by real-life cat and dog breeds.




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