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Learn Source Control Fundamentals in a Weekend with Git and Github

What you’ll learn:
Students will learn what source control management is, and why it is used.
Students will learn arguably the most popular source control system–‘git’ on the terminal
Students will learn the most common features of git to be productive for their first internship, hobby project, startup, or regular work.
Students will learn about the internals of how git works (not typically talked about in tutorials)
Students will get hands on experience, and learn how to become an advanced git user by understanding and developing a workflow with git.
Students should have basic experience using a terminal
Students should have experience in a text editor (e.g. VIM, notepad, VSCode, Sublime, Atom, etc.)
In this course you will learn the most popular source control tool–Git. Beyond learning the foundations of Git, we are also going to build your knowledge on the foundations of Git, so you understand how it works behind the scenes. This foundational knowledge will give you confidence to continue learning and using Git, whether for hobby projects or on the job. No matter what level you are in your career, learning Git will help you work smarter and more iteratively on your programming projects. This course will start with the fundamentals learning git commands locally, and then we will apply those skills to repositories hosted remotely. This is the Git crash course that you can complete start to finish in a weekend.
Topics you’ll learn
Students should take this course if they want to learn:
How to use setup Git for your respective operating system.
How to use the basic git commands: init, add, commit, push, pull, merge, branch
How to resolve scenarios like the dreaded merge conflict!
Why you should take this course?
This course is accessible for students who are self-taught, in a boot camp, or university students and want to learn an essential skill. As an instructor I will work you through concepts at a relatively slow and gentle pace, but I do not hide the details from you of how Git works. This course can be your one stop shop for understanding source control management, and help you confidently use source control on the job.
This course is also compact, meaning you can complete it in a weekend as opposed to massive courses that are left unfinished and leave you wondering if you have big gaps in your knowledge when you revisit them. In this course, we learn a skill and then practice that skill to reinforce the learning in a practical scenario. I work through solutions step by step with the reason ‘why’ not just ‘what to type’.
Who am I?
I have been teaching for over 10 years in universities and as a professor. I have worked in industry in big companies, startups, and as a consultant. I am looking forward to being your instructor for this course, and I hope you will get great value out of the lessons learned!
Who this course is for
Programmers and developers who want to learn how to use the source control systems Git




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